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Time for  another great book review by WPL Teen Advisory Group member, Aleksandra.

Out of my Mind By: Sharron M. Draper


This book is about a girl named Melody who has been disabled from birth. She narrates the story, explaining what it is like to be in a wheelchair because of having Cerebral Palsy while  having everyone doubt her abilities and look down on her just because she is different. She is in a special class for students who have disabilities, until one day when her teacher gives the students special helpers that help them go to regular classes with the rest of the grades. Melody makes one friend, Rose, but wishes that she could talk to her or walk with her just like everyone else. Unfortunately, she can’t. After a while, Melody, her helper and a family friend give Melody the key to life. They give her family the idea of buying a special computer that talks for Melody. This opens a new door in Melody’s life. She can now participate with her class. Students are wary and some still look down upon Melody. When she enters a quiz team, everyone doubts Melody’s abilities even further and some claim that she’s a cheater. But she’s not. She can solve problems just like everyone else. Even better than some students. She just wants to be like everyone else. But do you really have to be like everyone else?

 My Thoughts:

When I first read this book, I was moved by it and I instantly understood what it was like to be disabled. It gives you a different perspective that you never really got a chance to see and you learn what you should do and how you should react without hurting others’ feelings. It’s a great read, and you’ll be touched by the story. If you want to read this book you can find it at WPL. One of the best reads ever.

 I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

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