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Raising Healthy Children, Open (HPC3O)

Research and Inquiry Skills

By the end of the course the student will:

explore topics related to child development and child rearing, and formulate questions to guide their research

create research plans, and locate and select information relevant to their chosen topics, using appropriate social science research and inquiry methods

assess, record, analyse, and synthesize information gathered through research

communicate the results of their research and inquiry clearly and effectively, and reflect on and evaluate their research, inquiry, and communication skills

Child Growth and Development

describe factors that contribute to the healthy development of children before and during birth, and in the first few months after birth

describe patterns in the healthy, social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, and physical development of young children

demonstrate an understanding of the importance of nutrition for healthy development

Personal and Social Responsibility of Parents

demonstrate an understanding of how to prepare for the responsibilities of being a parent

demonstrate an understanding of strategies parents can use to ensure effective communication in their families

apply and assess their child-rearing knowledge and skills through practical experiences with children

Child Rearing Around the World

demonstrate an understanding of social and cultural variations in family forms and child-rearing approaches

demonstrate an understanding of a variety of child-rearing practices and their effects on children

demonstrate an understanding of common and diverse experiences of young children in a variety of cultures and historical periods

Addressing Social Challenges

demonstrate an understanding of the challenges facing parents throughout the early childhood years

describe strategies for building healthy family relationships in order to prevent neglect and/or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of children

describe the roles and responsibilities of society in protecting and supporting children and families, and the responsibilities of caregivers towards children