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Music, Grade 10, Open (AMU2O)

Creating, Presenting and Performing

The Creative Process: apply the stages of the creative process when performing notated and/or improvised music and composing and/or arranging music;

The Elements of Music: apply elements of music when performing notated and improvised music and composing and/or arranging music

Techniques and Technologies: use a variety of techniques and technological tools when performing music and composing and/or arranging music.

Reflecting, Responding and Analysing

The Critical Analysis Process: use the critical analysis process when responding to, analysing, reflecting on, and interpreting music

Music and Society: demonstrate an understanding of how traditional, commercial, and art music reflect the society in which they were created and how they have affected communities or cultures

Skills and Personal Growth: demonstrate an understanding of how performing, creating, and critically analysing music has affected their skills and personal development

Connections Beyond the Classroom: identify and describe various opportunities for continued engagement in music


Theory and Terminology: demonstrate an understanding of music theory with respect to concepts of notation and the elements and other components of music, and use appropriate terminology relating to them

Characteristics and Development of Music: demonstrate an understanding of the history of some musical forms and of characteristics of types of music from around the world

Conventions and Responsible Practices: demonstrate an understanding of responsible practices and performance conventions relating to music