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Grade 9/10 – Integrated Arts (ALC10/ALC20)

Grade 9 Overall Expectations:

Creating and Presenting

The Creative Process: apply the creative process to create integrated art works/productions, individually and/or collaboratively

Elements and Principles: apply key elements and principles from various arts disciplines when creating, modifying, and presenting art works, including integrated art works/productions

Tools, Techniques, and Technologies: use a variety of tools, techniques, and technologies to create integrated art works/productions that communicate specific messages and demonstrate creativity

Presentation and Promotion: present and promote art works, including integrated art works/productions, for a variety of purposes, using appropriate technologies and conventions

Reflecting, Responding and Analysing

The Critical Analysis Process: demonstrate an understanding of the critical analysis process by applying it to study works from various arts disciplines as well as integrated art works/productions

The Function of the Arts in Society: demonstrate an understanding of various functions of the arts in past and present societies

Values and Identity: demonstrate an understanding of how creating, presenting, and analyzing art works has affected their understanding of personal, community, and cultural values and of Canadian identity

Connections Beyond the Classroom: describe the types of skills developed through creating, presenting, and analyzing art works, including integrated art works/productions, and identify various opportunities to pursue artistic endeavours outside the classroom


Terminology: demonstrate an understanding of, and use proper terminology when referring to, elements, principles, and other key concepts related to various arts disciplines

Contexts and Influences: demonstrate an understanding of symbols and themes associated with art works produced by various cultures, and describe past and present influences on various arts disciplines

Conventions and Responsible Practices: demonstrate an understanding of conventions and responsible practices associated with various arts disciplines, and apply these practices when creating, presenting, and experiencing art works