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Gr. 9 – Science (Academic) Strand 5

Physics (The Characteristics of Electricity)

Grade 9 (Applied) Overall Expectations:

1 – Assess some of the costs and benefits associated with the production of electrical energy from renewable and non‑renewable sources, and analyse how electrical efficiencies and savings can be achieved, through both the design of technological devices and practices in the home.

2 – Investigate, through inquiry, various aspects of electricity, including the properties of static and current electricity, and the quantitative relationships between potential difference, current, and resistance in electrical circuits.

  • Use appropriate terminology related to electricity, including, but not limited to: ammeter, amperes, battery, current, fuse, kilowatt hours, load, ohms, potential difference, resistance, switch, voltmeter, and volts [C].
  • Investigate the quantitative relationships between current, potential difference, and resistance in a simple series circuit [PR, AI].

3 – Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of static and current electricity.

  • Compare and contrast static electricity with alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) (e.g., the charge on a charged electroscope, the charge in a functioning circuit).