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Equity and Social Justice (From Theory to Practice), University/College Prep (HSE4M)

Research and Inquiry Skills

explore topics related to equity and social justice, and formulate questions to guide their research;

create research plans, and locate and select information relevant to their chosen topic, using appropriate social science research and inquiry methods;

assess, record, analyse, and synthesize information gathered through research and inquiry;

communicate the results of their research and inquiry clearly and effectively, and reflect on and evaluate their research, inquiry, and communication skills.

Understanding Social Construction

demonstrate an understanding of a range of perspectives on and approaches to equity and social justice issues, and of factors that affect inequity and social injustice

analyse, in historical and contemporary contexts, the dynamics of power relations and privilege as well as various factors that contribute to power or marginalization

assess the impact of media and popular culture on equity and social justice issues.

Addressing Equity and Social Justice Issues

analyse a range of historical and contemporary equity and social justice issues and the impact of economic and environmental factors on these issues

evaluate the contributions of individuals and groups and/or movements identified with specific aspects of the struggle for equity and social justice

compare policies, strategies, and initiatives used by various groups, including indigenous peoples and women, to address equity and social justice issues in a variety of jurisdictions

Personal and Social Action

demonstrate an understanding of how personal values, knowledge, and actions can contribute to equity and social justice, and assess strategies that people use to address equity and social justice concerns

describe a variety of careers and volunteer opportunities in fields related to equity and social justice, and demonstrate an understanding of the skills and knowledge they require

design, implement, and evaluate an initiative to address an equity or social justice issue