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World Geography (Urban Patterns and Population Issues), University/College Prep (CGU4M)

Geographic Inquiry and Skill Development

By the end of the course the student will:

use the geographic inquiry process and the concepts of geographic thinking when investigating issues affecting ecumenes

apply in everyday contexts skills, including spatial skills, developed through geographical investigation, and identify some careers in which a background in geography might be an asset

Spatial Organization of Ecumenes

By the end of the course the student will:

assess the liveability of ecumenes in Canada and other parts of the world, and analyse factors that influence liveability

describe interrelationships between the environmental, social, economic, and political processes that shape ecumenes

describe the spatial distribution of land use in human settlements according to selected theories

Sustainability and Stewardship

analyse impacts of human activity and human settlements on the environment, and assess the effectiveness of solutions to these impacts in selected ecumenes

assess ways in which stewardship practices can contribute to the sustainability of human settlements

describe ways in which human societies modify their local environments in order to meet economic, social, political, and other needs, and assess the effects of these modifications on sustainability

Systems: Interdependence of Ecumenes

analyse impacts of public opinion and policy on interactions within and between ecumenes

analyse impacts of population change and migration on the social characteristics and built environment of cities

analyse the effects of international assistance and formal and informal international economic activity on quality of life in developed and developing countries

Changing Ecumenes

analyse interrelationships between urban environments and quality of life

assess from a geographic perspective the effectiveness of solutions to issues affecting the built environment