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The Environment and Resource Management, University/College Prep (CGR4M)

Geographic and Skill Development

Throughout this course, students will:

use the geographic inquiry process and the concepts of geographic thinking when investigating issues related to the environment and the management of natural resources

apply in everyday contexts skills, including spatial skills, developed through geographical investigation, and identify careers in which a background in geography might be an asset

Spatial Organization

Throughout this course, students will:

assess various strategies used for protecting natural spaces and species, locally, nationally, and globally

assess impacts of human population settlement on natural spaces and species

analyse relationships between the spheres of the earth and the characteristics of ecosystems

Sustainability and Stewardship of Natural Resources

Throughout this course, students will:

analyse the roles and contributions of individuals, governments, and organizations with respect to the sustainable management of the world’s natural resources

analyse impacts of resource development on the natural and human environment, and assess ways of managing resource development sustainably

assess the availability of various natural resources, and analyse factors affecting their exploitation and use

Ecological Systems: Interconnections and Interdependence

Throughout this course, students will:

analyse challenges involved in reducing pollution from human activities, and assess the effectiveness of various methods of pollution reduction

evaluate impacts of various types of pollution on the natural environment and on human health

describe key ecological and biological processes, and explain how they are affected by human activities

Community Action

Throughout this course, students will:

assess a variety of strategies for resolving environmental and natural resource management issues, locally, nationally, and/or globally

assess impacts of community land use and infrastructure on humans and the natural environment, and assess ways of reducing these impacts

analyse impacts of various human behaviours on the natural environment, and assess the role of behaviour, ethics, and technology in reducing these impacts