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Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Workplace Prep (MEL3E)

Earning and Purchasing
Overall Expectations:

Interpret information about different types of remuneration, and solve problems and make decisions involving different remuneration methods;

Demonstrate an understanding of payroll deductions and their impact on purchasing power;

Demonstrate an understanding of the factors and methods involved in making and justifying informed purchasing decisions.

Saving, Investing and Borrowing
Overall Expectations:

Describe and compare services available from financial institutions;

Demonstrate an understanding of simple and compound interest, and solve problems involving related applications;

Interpret information about different ways of borrowing and their associated costs, and make and justify borrowing decisions.

Transportation and Travel
Overall Expectations:

Interpret information about owning and operating a vehicle, and solve problems involving the associated costs;

Plan and justify a route for a trip by automobile, and solve problems involving associated costs;

Interpret information about different modes of transportation, and solve related problems.