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Leadership and Peer Support, Grade 11 Open (GPP3O)

Personal Knowledge and Management Skills

Explain how their personal characteristics and acquired skills may affect their interactions with others in leadership and peer support roles

Identify the characteristics of an effective leader and use these to evaluate their own leadership and peer support capabilities

Identify and apply the personal-management skills and characteristics required to succeed in leadership and peer support roles

Identify and apply effective teaching and learning strategies and resources to help others through leadership and peer support roles.

Interpersonal Knowledge and Skills

Use strategies that promote positive interpersonal relationships as they pertain to leadership and/or peer support

Demonstrate effective use of communication skills in a variety of settings

Apply theories related to group dynamics and leadership in various situations

Explain how community dynamics affect leadership and peer support roles

Exploration of Opportunities

Describe, on the basis of research, the range of leadership and peer support opportunities in the school and the community, and identify those to which they are most suited

Demonstrate the ability to design and implement a plan or program that addresses needs identified in the school or the community

Identify a range of careers and postsecondary options requiring skills in leadership and peer support