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Media Studies, Open (EMS3O)

Understanding and Interpreting Media Texts

Understanding and Responding to Media Texts: demonstrate understanding of a variety of media texts

Deconstructing Media Texts: deconstruct a variety of types of media texts, identifying the codes, conventions, and techniques used and explaining how they create meaning

Media and Society

Understanding Media Perspectives: analyse and critique media representations of people, issues, values, and behaviours

Understanding the Impact of Media on Society: analyse and evaluate the impact of media on society

The Media Industry

Industry and Audience: demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which the creators of media texts target and attract audiences

Ownership and Control: demonstrate an understanding of the impact of regulation, ownership, and control on access, choice, and range of expression

Producing and Reflecting on Media Texts

Producing Media Texts: create a variety of media texts for different audiences and purposes, using effective forms, codes, conventions, and techniques

Careers in Media Production: demonstrate an understanding of roles and career options in a variety of media industries

Metacognition: demonstrate an understanding of their growth as media consumers, media analysts, and media producers