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Green Industries, Open (THJ2O)

Overall Expectations:

Green Industry Fundamentals

demonstrate an understanding of plant and/or animal biology and species classification as they relate to the green industries

describe the factors affecting the growth and care of plants and/or animals

demonstrate an understanding of design procedures and applications and production processes and systems as they relate to the green industries

demonstrate competence in the use of mathematical, documentation, and communication skills as they apply to the green industries

Green Industry Skills

apply effective design and production practices as they relate to a variety of green industries

demonstrate competence in applying introductory technical skills used in the green industries

Technology, the Environment and Society

identify the impact of green industries on the environment and describe ways of minimizing harmful effects

describe the societal implications of current practices and trends in the green industries

describe the relationship of a variety of green industries to the local communities in which they operate

Professional Practice and Career Opportunities

demonstrate an understanding of and comply with occupational health and safety standards

identify careers in the green industries and describe the skills, education, and training required for entry into these positions