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Grade 10 – Science Applied (SNC2P)

Scientific Investigation Skills & Career Exploration

  • Demonstrate scientific investigation skills (related to both inquiry and research) in the four areas of skills (initiating and planning, performing and recording, analysing and interpreting, and communicating).
  • Identify and describe a variety of careers related to the fields of science under study, and identify scientists, including Canadians, who have made contributions to those fields.

Biology (Tissues, Organs, and Systems)

  • Analyse some current technologies or substances that have an impact on human tissues, organs, or systems, and evaluate their effects on human health
  • Investigate cell division, cell specialization, and the organization of systems in animals, including humans, using various laboratory techniques
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the hierarchical organization of cells, from tissues, to organs, to systems in animals, including humans

Chemistry (Chemical Reactions and Their Practical Applications)

  • Analyse how chemical reactions are employed in common products and processes, and assess the safety and environments hazards associated with them
  • Investigate, through inquiry, the characteristics of simple chemical reactions
  • Demonstrate an understanding of simple chemical reactions and the language and ways to represent them

Earth and Space Science (Earth’s Dynamic Climate)

  • Analyse effects of human activity on climate change, and effects of climate change on living things and natural systems
  • Investigate various natural and human factors that have an impact on climate change and global warming
  • Demonstrate an understanding of various natural and human factors that contribute to climate change and global warming.

Physics (Light and Applications of Optics)

  • Analyse how properties of light and colour are applied in technology and the impact of these technologies on society
  • Investigate, through inquiry, properties of light, and predict its behaviour in mirrors and as it passes through different media
  • Demonstrate an understanding of characteristics and properties of light, particularly with respect to reflection and refraction and the addition and subtraction of colour