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Discovering the Workplace, Grade 10 Open (GLD2O)

Essential Skills for Working and Learning 

Identify and describe the workplace essential skills necessary for success in life, school, and work

Identify the literacy and numeracy strategies that support the application of workplace essential skills, and use them to complete specific tasks in school, in the community, or in real or simulated workplace settings

Describe learning and thinking strategies, and use them effectively in school or in the community

Plan for, assess, and document their ongoing development and demonstration of selected workplace essential skills. 

Personal Management 

Identify their interests, strengths, and needs, and describe how these influence their decisions about education and work

Identify and use effectively the strategies required to manage their behaviour in school and in the community

Identify and use effectively the interpersonal and teamwork skills and strategies required when working with others in school or in the community

Demonstrate the ability to use the task-planning and organizing skills and strategies that are required for success in school and in the workplace. 

Exploration of Opportunities

Demonstrate the ability to research information about education and work opportunities, using print, electronic, and human resources

Describe opportunities for learning and work, and identify ways in which they can prepare for these opportunities

Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of work and of workplace expectations and issues

Identify, explain, and follow health and safety policies and procedures in school and in workplace settings. 

Preparation for Transitions and Change 

Identify changes and transitions that take place in their lives, and describe strategies to effectively manage these changes

Identify goals and develop plans for their learning in school, the community, and the workplace 

Apply job-search strategies and tools to find or create opportunities for work and for learning about work.