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Grade 7 – Movement Competence

Grade 7 Overall Expectations:

Movement Skills and Concepts

Perform smooth transfers of weight and rotations, in relation to others and equipment in a variety of situations involving static and dynamic balance

Perform a wide variety of locomotor movements, with and without equipment, while responding to a variety of external stimuli

Send, receive, and retain a variety of objects, while taking into account their position and motion in relation to others, equipment, and boundaries, while applying basic principles of movement

Demonstrate an understanding of the phases of movement and apply this understanding to the refinement of movement skills as they participate in a variety of physical activities

Movement Strategies

Demonstrate an understanding of the components of a range of physical activities and apply this understanding as they participate in a variety of physical activities in indoor and outdoor environments

Try out various web videos of sports activities and training skills for sports that your child enjoys most. Below are a selection of YouTube Videos for various sports and activities.

Describe and compare different categories of physical activities and describe strategies that they found effective while participating in a variety of physical activities in different categories

  • Discuss with your child what they did in the video, and how they think these drills will help them get better at the sport/activity. What other sports might these drills help them with?

Apply a variety of tactical solutions to increase their chances of success as they participate in physical activities

  • Discuss how drills and practice help you get better at a sport or activity.