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Grade 7 – Active Living

Grade 7 Overall Expectations:

Active Participation

Actively participate in a wide variety of program activities, according to their capabilities, while applying behaviours that enhance their readiness and ability to take part in all aspects of the program;

Demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute to their personal enjoyment of being active as they participate in a diverse range of physical activities in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments;

Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that motivate or impede participation in physical activity every day.

Physical Fitness

Daily Physical Activity (DPA): participate in sustained moderate to vigorous physical activity, with appropriate warm-up and cool-down activities, to the best of their ability for a minimum of 20 minutes each day;

Identify factors that can affect health-related fitness and describe how training principles can be applied to develop fitness;

Assess their level of health-related fitness during various physical activities and monitor changes in fitness levels over time;

Develop, implement, and revise a personal plan to meet short term, health-related fitness goals.


Demonstrate behaviours and apply procedures that maximize safety and lessen the risk of injury, including the risk of concussion, for themselves and others during physical activity;

Demonstrate an understanding of procedures for anticipating and responding to hazards that may lead to sickness or injury, including concussion, while participating in physical activity outdoors.