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Grade 6 – People and Environments (Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community)

Grade 6 Overall Expectations:

Application: explain the importance of international cooperation in addressing global issues, and evaluate the effectiveness of selected actions by Canada and Canadian citizens in the international arena.

How Are We the Same and Different? (Book)

Without Refuge (Book)

The Red Cross Movement (Book)

What is Importing and Exporting? (Book)

Fair Trade (Book)

Deadly Invaders Virus Outbreaks Around the World (Book)

Don’t Stand So Close to Me (Book)

Every Human Has Rights A Photographic Declaration for Kids (Book)

Water A Resource Our World Depends On (Book)

Enough Water? A Guide to What We Have and How We Use It (Book)

Your Water Footprint (Book)

Icebergs & Glaciers (Book)

Doctors Without Borders (Hoopla eBook) 

World Health Organization (Hoopla eBook) 

The United Nations (Hoopla eBook)

Syrian Heritage (Hoopla eBook)

The Red Cross (Hoopla eBook) 

NATO, the Warsaw Pact and the Iron Curtain (Hoopla eBook)

A Long Walk to Water (Hoopla e-Audiobook)

Inside Out and Back Again (Hoopla e-Audiobook)

Glacier Crown of the Continent  (Hoopla eVideo)

Native Land Interactive Map (Website)

United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (Website)

Know Your Rights! UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous Adolescents (Website)

Convention on the Rights of the Child (Website)

Mobilizing Action Plan for an Outbreak (Website)

Trading Around the World (Website) 

Government of Canada: Canada and the Asia-Pacific (Website)

Canada and APEC (Website)

The World Health Organization (Website)

OEC: Canada (Website) 

Heritage Minutes: “Boat People” Refugees  (YouTube)

Heritage Minutes: Dextraze in the Congo – United Nations Peacekeepers (YouTube)

APEC: Imagine the Possibilities (YouTube)

Inquiry: use the social studies inquiry process to investigate some global issues of political, social, economic, and/or environmental importance, their impact on the global community, and responses to the issues.

Free the Children Craig Kielburger (Book)

Jhalak Man Tamang Slave Labor Whistleblower (Book)

The Haitian Earthquake of 2010 (Book)

I Am Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Educations and was Shot by the Taliban (Book)

Refugee (Book)

I Survived the Japanese Tsunami 2011 (Book)

Making Change Tips from an Underage Overachiever (Book)

The Amazon Rain Forest and Its People (Book)

Vanishing Forests (Book)

I Survived the Japanese Tsunami (Hoopla e-Audiobook) 

Many Windows (Cloud Library eBook)

Refugee – By Alan Gratz (Cloud Library eBook)

Refugee – By Alan Gratz (Cloud Library eAudiobook)

We Are Displaced. By Malala Yousafzai (Cloud Library eAudiobook) 

I Am Malala (Cloud Library eAudiobook) 

Government of Canada: Canada’s Action on Climate Change (Website)

Government of Canada: Canada’s Response to Conflict, Crises and Disaster (Website)

Deforestation: Facts, Causes and Effects  (Website)

Understanding Context: describe significant aspects of the involvement of Canada and Canadians in some regions around the world, including the impact of this involvement.

The Great Lakes (Book)

The Superstorm Hurricane Sandy (Book)

Hurricane Katrina (Book)

What is the Treat of Invasive Species? (Book)

What Can We Do About Invasive Species (Book)

Science Warriors the Battle Against Invasive Species (Book)

Nature Out of Balance  (Book)

Solar Power (Book)

Generating Wind Power (Book)

How Does a Waterfall Become Electricity? (Book)

Hydroelectricity (Book)

Geothermal Energy (Book)

Children’s World Atlas (Book)

Geothermal Energy (Hoopla eBook)

Exploring Energy Technology Solar Power (Hoopla eBook)

Exploring Energy Technology Wind Power (Hoopla eBook)

United Nations (Hoopla eBook) 

Invasive Species in Canada – Animals (Database Article)

Environmental Movement in Canada (Database Article)

Canada and Peacekeeping (Database Article)

Great Lake  (Database Article)

Save on Energy (Website)

Fair Trade International (Website)

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Website)

World Health Organization – World No Tobacco Day (Website)

The Canadian Pipeline (Website)

Greta Thunberg Right Livelihood Foundation (Website)

Greta Thunberg School Strike for Climate (Website)

Young Activists for Climate Change (Website)

Energy 101: Solar Power (YouTube)

Energy 101: Wind Power (YouTube)

Energy 101: Hydropower (YouTube)

Energy 101:  Geothermal Energy (YouTube)

Energy 101: Geothermal Heat Pumps (YouTube)