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Grade 5 – Active Living

Grade 5 Overall Expectations:

Active Participation

Actively participate in a wide variety of program activities, according to their capabilities, while applying behaviours that enhance their readiness and ability to take part

Demonstrate an understanding of factors that contribute to their personal enjoyment of being active as they participate in a wide variety of individual and small-group activities and lead-up games

Identify factors that can either motivate or make it difficult for people to be physically active every day and describe ways of overcoming obstacles to staying active

Physical Fitness

Daily Physical Activity (DPA): participate in sustained moderate to vigorous physical activity, with appropriate warmup and cool-down activities, to the best of their ability for a minimum of 20 minutes each day

Identify the components of health-related fitness and the benefits associated with developing and maintaining each of them

Assess a specific component of their health-related fitness by noting physical responses during various physical activities, and monitor changes over time

Develop and implement personal plans relating to a specific component of health-related fitness, chosen on the basis of their personal fitness assessments and interests


Demonstrate behaviours and apply procedures that maximize their safety and lessen the risk of injury, including the risk of concussion, for themselves and others during physical activity

Demonstrate an understanding of proactive measures that should be taken to minimize environmental health risks that may interfere with their safe participation in and enjoyment of outdoor physical activities