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Grade 2 – Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts & Strategies

1 – Movement Skills and Concepts

Grade 2 Overall Expectations:

Perform a variety of static balances with and without equipment, using different body parts at different levels and making different body shapes;

Demonstrate the ability to jump, hop, and land safely and in control, taking off from one foot or from two feet;

Perform a variety of locomotor movements with and without equipment, travelling in different directions and at different speeds, and using different pathways;

Send objects of different shapes and sizes at different levels and in different ways, using different body parts;

Receive objects of different shapes and sizes at different level and in various ways, using different body parts.

2 – Movement Strategies

Grade 2 Overall Expectations:

Demonstrate an understanding that different physical activities have different components, and apply this understanding as they participate in and explore a variety of individual and small-group activities;

Apply a variety of simple tactics to increase their chances of success while participating in and exploring physical activities.