Conversation Starters

Windsor Public Library is committed to being inclusive in our spaces, our collections and our services.  We also support and advocate for intellectual freedom and freedom of expression as outlined in our Intellectual Freedom Policy. While the goals of supporting both inclusivity and intellectual freedom can sometimes be in tension with each other, we believe that the aims can often coincide and support one another. WPL strives to create a balanced and diverse collection representative of the whole community.

On occasion, WPL reviews items in its collection that have been brought to our attention either through our formal Reconsideration of Library Material process or less formally through media coverage or publisher/author announcements.

Our Conversation Starters are created to address titles that, despite challenged content, we have decided to keep in our collection. The included alternate booklists, suggested questions and recommended further reading can support those wanting to use the books as springboards for conversations about racism, stereotypes, social justice, gender, disability, diversity and inclusion of all peoples.

Conversation Starter: Dr. Seuss Titles 2021

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