The Windsor Public Library is governed by a set of policies. Policies provide a framework for decision making that ensure consistency throughout the Windsor Public Library system. The library specific policies are based on the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O.1990,C.p44 and are supported by the City of Windsor’s policies and the WPL/City Service Agreement.
Policies are defined as a set of principles to guide decision making; they are a “high level, what and why statement of intent”. Library specific policies are established, monitored and regularly reviewed by the Windsor Public Library Board. They include:

  • Foundation Policies are the fundamental building blocks upon which the library is built. They include the library mission, vision and values; Intellectual Freedom Policy, and Material Selection Policy that outlines what library resources are purchased.
  • Governance Policies define how the Library Board operates, including principles of governance, delegation of authority, Board powers, duties and composition, Board meetings, etc.
  • Operational Policies outline the rules that guide the operation of the library, including protection of property, circulation of material, library services and programs.

The annual Policy Review Report and Proposed Amendments can be found here: they are open for public comment. Please address any comments to:

Kitty Pope
Windsor Public Library
519-255-6770 Ext: 4425