Dr. Irek Kusmierczyk

Irek Kusmierczyk

Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk was first appointed to City Council in 2013 and was immediately appointed to the Windsor Public Library Board. Re-appointed to the EPL Board in January 2015, he represents Ward 7. Irek is a strong believer in vibrant public libraries and the role they play in enriching our community. As a Director of the WeTECH Alliance, he sees firsthand the importance of accessible and innovative organizational practice – values which he brings to the Windsor Public Library. With a BA from Carleton University (Journalism), an MA degree from the Jagiellonian University (European Politics), an MSc from the London School of Economics (Government) and a PhD in political science from Vanderbilt University, Dr. Kusmierczyk brings a wealth of experience, education and knowledge to his board duties and responsibilities. When he has spare time, he enjoys reading and lists East of Eden by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck as his favourite book.