Overdue Policy


Overdue and unreturned materials prevent other customers from borrowing these shared resources. We take the steps below to ensure prompt return of items.

Beginning November 15, 2013, overdue fines will be charged for materials not returned by the due date. When overdue fines total $20, customer accounts will be blocked. Click here for fines chart.

Although it is the customer’s responsibility to keep track of their due dates, we send a “Gentle Reminder” three (3) days before the due date to those customers who have provided us with email addresses. Failure to receive a Gentle Reminder does not negate a customer’s responsibility to return items by the due date.

Overdue notices will be sent to customers via email or phone (patron may choose which of the two options they prefer) on the following schedule:

  • 7 days overdue – 1st overdue notice
  • 21 days overdue – 2nd overdue notice
  • 40 days overdue – 3rd and Final notice

If an item is not returned by the time it is 60 days overdue, the item will be assumed lost and the customer will be billed the cost of the item. If the cost of the item lost exceeds $20, the customer’s account will be blocked.

Please remember that all Library card privileges are suspended when total fines reach $20 (this limit applies to adults, young adults and children).

ILLO Overdue:

The loan period is determined by the LENDING library, and is subject to their renewal policies. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library. Charge per Extra Day per Item $1.00. Maximum Charge per Item $10.00.