This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic was taken circa 1975 along Park Street East. The church in the photographs is St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. The current structure was founded in 1871, with a parish community being established in 1856. The parish hall that was located next to the church was demolished in the 1990s to make way for the expansion of Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Plaza. Behind the church in the image is the Police Station that was eventually demolished when the new Justice Facility was open in the early 2000s. The church still stands today and is an active parish, with the other buildings in the image no longer standing. If you interested in other historic images of Windsor, please visit the library digital exhibits page “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at If you are interested in more information about the archives, please email the archives at or by phone at 519-255-6770 x4414.


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