This bird-eye view of the west side of Downtown Windsor taken in the 1970s, very few of the buildings in this image are still standing fifty years later. The large structure in the lower left hand corner of the image is the Cleary Convention Centre before additions were added later in the 1970s. The block to the left of the Cleary was demolished to make way for the new Chrysler Office Building. The building behind the Cleary is the Windsor Star building and printing facility. Today, only the corner facade is standing, and the University of Windsor now occupies this space. The house next to the Cleary is the Francois Baby House that houses Windsor’s Community Museum. All the buildings after the museum have been demolished to make way for hotel and shopping complex. The red building at the upper right corner is the Art Gallery of Windsor, which was, replace with a new building today housing the Art Gallery and the Chimczuk Museum. The large building at the top centre of the photograph is the Canadian Tire store that was eventually demolished and replace with Transit Windsor’s bus terminal. The buildings next to the Canadian Tire store have been replace with Windsor Aquatic Centre. Windsor’s urban landscape has changed significantly in the past few decades, and will continue to evolve in the decades to come. If you are interested in other historic images of Windsor, please visit the library’s digital exhibits page “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at


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