This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic is the Columbia Ferry Boat coming to dock at Dieppe Park in Windsor. The Columbia was one of two Bob-lo Island ferries, the other being the Ste. Claire. The Columbia was build in 1902, and operated between Windsor/Detroit and Bob-lo Island Amusement Park located down river near the mouth of the Detroit River and Lake Erie. The photograph taken on June 18th 1970, with group of travellers from the Windsor Torch Club getting ready to board the Columbia for a cruise along the Detroit River. When the Bob-lo Island Amusement Park closed in 1991, the ferries where no longer needed. The Columbia was moved to New York to be repurposed for other uses. The ferry Ste. Claire is currently stored in Detroit. If you are interested in other historic images of Windsor, please visit the library’s digital exhibits page “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at

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