“Going to the In and Out store”, was a phrase often heard when someone was making a run to the beer store. This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic is of the ‘In and Out’ store, also known as the Beer Store, located on Drouillard Road in East Windsor (formally Ford City). Photographer Sid Lloyd took this photograph on November 25, 1930. This location at 966 Drouillard Road was a beer store from 1928 to 1940 when it was replaced by a cafe. The three big brewers in Ontario, Labatt’s, Molson’s and Sleeman’s, formed the Beer Store in 1927 after the end of prohibition in the province. Originally called the Brewer’s Retail, it was rebranded as the Beer Store to make it more clear to the consumer what was sold inside. If you are interested in other historic images of Windsor that can be found at your Community Archives, please visit the library’s digital exhibit “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at

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