The State of Emergency Impact on Library Service

The Windsor Public Library Board supports the Ontario Government’s recently announced province-wide State of Emergency in an effort to stop the continued spread of COVID-19. Currently, modified public library services that align with new mandated restrictions are in place at all WPL locations.

“The highest priority of Windsor Public Library is to mitigate the risk and impact Covid-19 has on the safety of our customers and staff,” says Councillor Rino Bortolin, chair of the WPLB. “With no hesitation, I can say the WPLB fully supports the State of Emergency implementation in an effort to battle the virus in our community.  WPL looks forward with anticipation to some degree of normalcy which will allow our customers to physically return to our branches.”






Under guidelines which accompanied the State of Emergency announcement, Windsor Public Library branches can remain open for contactless curbside pick-up only.  Effective Thursday, January 14, 2021, branches will operate from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Thursday and from 9 am to 5 pm on Friday and Saturday. Sunday hours of operation are suspended.  All exterior book returns are open with materials quarantined for a 72-hour period before being checked in and then returned to the shelf.

Customers not able to access curbside pick-up, can schedule home delivery by calling 519-255-6770, Extension 4404.

“Windsorites are reminded that all library resources are available online 24/7 at  Although customers can no longer physically visit library branches, your library card provides access to online resources for all ages, which can be accessed any time, and from anywhere. Books, magazines, movies, music – and a long list of databases – are available, free of charge,” says WPL CEO Kitty Pope.

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6 Responses to "The State of Emergency Impact on Library Service"

  1. So happy pick-up is still available!

  2. Patricia Lynch says:

    Not sure why you think the library is complying with the new stay at home measures. Yesterday I picked up my 8 holds. I cannot see due dates until I get home and check the slip. There was 1 3-day item and 5 7-day items in the 8 items I picked up. This will necessitate another trip to the library in 3 days and again in 7 days. How can i stay at home with needing to return items at this rate? During the first lockdown you had every item due in 28 days. not 3, not 7, not 14. This enabled myself and other seniors to actually stay at home (not make 2 trips to the library in a week).

  3. Patricia Lynch says:

    The state of emergency states that we need to stay at home. The WPL still has items checked out for 3 days, 7 days, 14 and 21 days necessitating several trips to the library because one doesn’t know which items will have a full 3 week due date. Holds must be picked up within 6 days and don’t conveniently arrive on the same day, again leaving patrons to get to the library several times. During the spring lockdown the library responded with a 28 day hold and return policy so that patrons could stay home. Why hasn’t the library returned to this now?

    • Marie says:

      You can renew items up to 3 times before the due date. Even after, as long as no one has a hold waiting, you can ask the librarian to reset loan time to allow you 3 more renewals. You can call or do it online yourself. No need to leave your hole under a rock.
      Instead of complaining on a comment site, try speaking politely to your librarian. I frequent 3, and they’re ALL very helpful and kind.

  4. Jayne Larocque says:


    The library service we have in Windsor is WONDERFUL! I have had 7 day returns and find that we are still able to borrow items at this time a true refuge. The public library system is trying to engage as many of the public it can, and I for one are grateful for the service and the employee’s who are still working to keep me supplies with not only new releases but books with-in the system.

    My thanks to all who are working at this time.

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