Throwback Thursday

At one time this scene happened multiple time each day, a New York Central passenger train after departing Windsor is heading east on its journey to St. Thomas, Buffalo and its ultimate destination of New York City. This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic was taken sometime in the 1950s in Essex County. The passenger train is about to proceed over a level crossing with the wigwag crossing signal in operation to warn motorist of the approaching train. The New York Central Railroad ran a double track main line from Windsor across southern Ontario to Niagara Falls/Fort Erie and over to Buffalo. If was possible at one time to board a train in Windsor and travel directly to Chicago or New York City. The train station was located at the end of Pelletier Street off of McKay Avenue. Unfortunately the train station burned to the ground in 1996. The last passenger train to run on this line was Amtrak’s “Niagara Rainbow” which ceased running in 1979. This scene can no longer be replicated as the tracks where removed from this scene 2012. If you are interested in other historic images of Windsor, please visit the library’s digital exhibit “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at


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  1. Richard McIntyre says:

    For a detailed history of the Canada Southern Railroad, there is a a website under that name that traces it from begging to end. It was leased by Michigan Central RR, a subsidy of New York Central who operated to it merged with Pennsylvania RR, then went bankrupt.

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