Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic comes from the neighbouring community of Leamington. This photograph, taken on October 17, 1933, shows the completed vinegar building that was part of an expansion of  the H. J. Heinz factory located in town. H. J. Heinz opened a ketchup factory in Leamington in 1909, giving the town its nickname, the ‘Tomato Capital of Canada’. During the early 1930s the plant was expanded to include a new Vinegar building and a Rig and Pulp Cooking building. For over a hundred year the plant was a major employer in Leamington, producing over a 100 different products.  In 2013,  it was announced that H. J. Heinz would close the plant in 2014 throwing over 700 workers out of work. Highbury Canco bought the plant and resumed producing a number products under the Heinz label. If you are interested in this or other historic photographs of Windsor and area, please visit our digital exhibit “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at

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