Throwback Thursday

Completed 90 years ago, the Drouillard Road underpass allowed for the continuation of Wyandotte Street East. Until completion, Wyandotte Street East terminated at Walker Road and forced travellers going eastbound to continue to do so on Riverside Drive. This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic taken in 1930, shows the construction of the Drouillard Road underpass that allowed for the connection of Wyandotte Street East to what was then called Ottawa Street in East Windsor (Ford City). It was renamed Wyandotte Street East on December 1, 1931 by the City of East Windsor. The bridge was used by Canadian National and Wabash Railways and is still used today by VIA Rail passenger trains. The stairs at the bottom of the picture have since been cemented in and are no longer accessible to pedestrians. If you are interested in other historic images of Windsor that are found in your Community Archives, please visit our digital exhibit “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at

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