Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic is a street scene of downtown Windsor. This picture was taken sometime in 1948 showing the northwest corner of Ouellette Avenue at London Street (London Street was renamed University Avenue on 1 November 1957). The Imperial Bank of Canada branch is located right at the corner, next is the Avenue Men’s Shop, moving up the street is the F. W. Woolworth Department Store, and at the end of the block is the S. S. Kresge Store. The far right of the frame is the Dominion Public Building (Paul Martin Building), now home of the Central Branch of the Windsor Public Library. Today the only building not standing is the S. S. Kresge Building which was demolished in 1991-92 and eventually replaced with the Royal Bank of Canada office building. If you are interested in viewing other historic images of Windsor, please visit our digital exhibits page “Windsor’s History and Pictures:” at

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  1. Richard McIntyre says:

    Is the Woolworths location their first location in Windsor, and this location become the Zellers store on that block? And Woolworths and Kresge where called Five & Dime stores not department stores because of their original pricing structure, for runner to Dollar Stores.

  2. Photos are too small to enjoy- please make them bigger!

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