Throwback Thursday

This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic was taken around 1912, and depicts three men with cutting tools standing on the Detroit River sawing blocks of ice. This was a winter time activity that occurred before the era of mechanical refrigeration. When the lakes and rivers froze over, men would go out onto the ice and cut out blocks of ice, which would then be transported to ice houses where it was stored during the summer months. Households would buy blocks of ice from travelling ice dealers to put into their ‘ice box’ to help keep food and liquids cool during the summer months. Once refrigerators entered the home, the demand for blocks of ice waned and the job of the ice cutter disappeared into the history books. If you would like to view this or other historic images housed at Windsor’s Community Archives, please visit our digital exhibit ‘Windsor’s History and Pictures’ at

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  1. Richard McIntyre says:

    It should all so be noted that many of the ice men also operated coal delivery bluishness’s in the winter, both started to disappear by 1950s.

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