Talk to Us, We Don’t Bite!

With the holiday season fast approaching, do you want to get out of the doghouse?  Do you want the library to stop hounding you about overdue materials? If so, return all overdue materials between December 4 and 31, and Windsor Public Library will throw you a bone – we’ll waive your fines, no ifs ands or woofs!

On December 4, WPL celebrates 125 years of library service to the community. Special events and displays are planned for the month of December to mark the occasion, highlighted by a month-long fines amnesty for customers with delinquent accounts.

“We want customers to return overdue materials. We want to welcome back customers who would like to visit but are reticent to do so because of the barrier presented by fines owing. Materials returned can then be made available for loan to other members of the community. Our 125th anniversary is an important milestone and should be marked by an event that positively impacts the community and is in keeping with 125 years of service to the Windsor community.”

Fines for the returned materials will be waived and new library cards issued if required.  Customers with fines on their accounts, but with no outstanding materials, can contact us to arrange for the fines to be waived and their accounts unblocked. 

Customers with lost or damaged materials are advised to talk to us!  Simply call us at 519.255.6770 or email us at with the details about your situation and we’ll work to resolve your issue.  Talk to use – we don’t bite!

All WPL locations will feature displays depicting the history of the library system, including photographs, newspapers and other unique items from Windsor’s Community Archive. Additionally, all locations will have customer appreciation events organized in conjunction with the Fines Amnesty.

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