Throwback Thursday

Taken in 1953 at the end of electric train service through the Detroit Railway Tunnel, this week’s ‘Throwback Thursday Pic’ is of two New York Central electric locomotives posing in front of NYC/CPR Windsor train station. These engines were tasked with shuttling passenger and freight trains thought the tunnel between Detroit and Windsor when it opened in 1910. Steam engines could not travel through the tunnel for fear of asphyxiating the train crew and passenger from the smoke and gases admitted from the locomotive. With the arrival of diesel locomotives, the need to switch out the steam for an electrical engine to travel through the tunnel was discontinued. The last electric engines run through the tunnel at the end of 1953 when diesels took over rail operations. Notice the third rail that these engines would have used to pick-up the electric current. If you would like to view more historic photographs of Windsor found in your Community Archives please visit our digital exhibit “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at

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