Central Library Elevator service

The Central Library at 850 Ouellette is currently without elevator service as we await parts. If attending this branch and needing assistance, please see staff at first floor service desks for access to materials or services on the 2nd floor. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our patrons.

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  1. David Hanna says:

    The present WPL Main Branch Library at 850 Ouellette St.(which was designed and actually built as a Main Library) has a beautiful escalator that still functions quite well, even when the ‘Library size’ elevator is temporarily down for service. The proposed move of the Main WPL Branch to the ‘temporary’ location of the back portion of the Paul Martin Building at 185 Ouellette St. (former Federal Building: Canada Post Office / CRA) downtown will not have this unique and accommodating escalator feature. In fact the proposed 185 Ouellette St. temporary location (until 2026+) will likely only have one entrance on Pitt St. W. However, I’m sure the years of temporary location planned for the ‘new’ Main Branch WPL move will have some sort of ‘way-finding’ signage to help Library patrons navigate their way. Well needed pedestrian signage for those Library patrons who have to trek downtown, pay more to park at a greater distance (then they do now) and then find their way through the old massive structure. Curious to see how the new WPL signage will be handled on and in a heritage structure. The rear addition of the Paul martin Building could also be considered ‘modernist heritage architecture’. Pity the $ donor for the fairly recent construction of the existing Community History Room at the 2nd floor of 850 Ouellette St. lost out on the expected time value of their substantial donation.

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