Throwback Thursday

The Cleary Auditorium and Convention Centre is the Throwback Thursday feature this week. Officially opened to the public in May 1960, this photograph was taken in 1963. Construction was started on an addition to the auditorium and a new hotel which opened in 1983. During the first decade of the new century the City of Windsor and St. Clair College were in negotiations for the college to take over the facility. In 2007 the Cleary Auditorium was renamed the St. Clair Centre for the Arts, where the college drama and culinary arts programs are located. If you’re interested in viewing other historic photographs from the Windsor Community Archives collection, please visit the digital exhibit “Windsor’s History and Pictures” at

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  1. David Hanna says:

    Cleary Auditorium almost caused the demolition of the historic Francois Baby behind it when Cleary Auditorium was being contemplated. Fortunately after much battle, heritage activists convinced the Mayor and City Council of the time to the integral value of the Francois Baby House to the City and the Nation. It was subsequently restored and preserved.

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