Muir Branch Delayed

The plan to open the new John Muir Branch (363 Mill Street) on July 20 has been delayed.

Sandwich Branch (3312 Sandwich Street) which was scheduled to close July 6 in preparation for a transition to the permanent home for the WPL Local History Collection has been postponed.

Sandwich Branch will remain open indefinitely.

When we have more information on the opening of John Muir and the Sandwich transition, it will be shared in this space.





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4 Responses to "Muir Branch Delayed"

  1. glory says:

    thank you very much for keeping us posted

  2. David Hanna says:

    The new John Muir Branch is looking quite nice. Too bad they paved the new parking lot instead of sticking with the original plan of using permeable pavers for the Muir Library parking lot. The long range benefits of permeable pavers would have outweighed any minor additional cost. As any construction project there is always the potential for unforeseen delays, particularly more so with heritage projects. However, advertising the Official Opening Date so assuredly as July 20, 2019 (and looking at what’s still needed to finish the building today) seems to point out a serious flaw in the City’s ability to project construction schedules accurately. The public should remember the construction mistakes made with the 3 blocks of Ouellette Ave. south of Wyandotte St. that were redone as another blaring example. That Ouellette St. project was not only late due to construction mistakes, but it was stated that the Contractor would cover the cost of those mistakes. The cost overruns recently approved at City Council to cover extra fees for the Ouellette St. project after the fact – prove Council was originally mislead by City Administration regarding those costs as well.

  3. VERY disappointed that there has NOT been an update. I just went over Sandwich library for nothing. Sandwich library will NOT and is NOT open indefinitely! Is closed permanently as if this writing.

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