Throwback Thursday

Ridin’ the Hound.  Maybe your bus trip started at Windsor’s Greyhound Bus Terminal. This week’s Throwback Thursday Pic is of the Greyhound bus terminal located at 44 University Avenue East. This photograph taken in the mid-1970s shows the front of the terminal with the Dashboard Restaurant occupying the left side. Greyhound opened the terminal to passenger traffic in 1941. In June of 2007 Greyhound moved its bus terminal into the new Windsor International Transit Terminal, and vacated the old location. For a number of years after Greyhound left, the terminal was used as a farmers market during the spring and summer months. In 2012 the University of Windsor took control of the building to convert it to a Media Centre as part of its downtown campus. As of today the building is still vacant with only some exterior cosmetic changes made by the university. If you are interested in more historic photographs of Windsor please visit the library’s digital exhibit “Windsor, History and Pictures” at

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  1. Brenda Schmidt says:

    Yes the old bus station was a favorite of mine also .I used to go for breakfast at the Dashboard restaurant which I might add was a excellent breakfast & also reasonable prices .I have taken many Greyhound buses to visit family & cousins .Those were the days that’s for sure.

  2. Ann Torrie says:

    Great memories of the old bus station on ?London Street..
    My friends and I would walk blocks, just to sit and watch people
    coming and going, especially when visitors would get off the Greyhound
    buses. And of course we always used the upstairs washroom.
    Those were the days!!

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