Overdrive/Libby & Axis 360 Checkouts and Holds limited

In preparation for our move over to the cloudLibrary platform for eBooks & eAudiobooks, checkouts and holds for Overdrive/Libby and Axis 360 are currently limited to one of each from now until May 23, at which point borrowing will be turned off and you will have one week to finish reading any materials you have checked out. All access to Overdrive & Axis 360 will be discontinued on May 30th.

Please visit our cloudLibrary transition FAQ page to learn more.

After May 30, you will be able to borrow many of the titles currently found in Overdrive/Libby & Axis 360 from cloudLibrary – as well as many others. We encourage you to get started with cloudLibrary right away!

You can also visit our eBooks page to learn more about WPL’s eBook resources for all ages.

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12 Responses to "Overdrive/Libby & Axis 360 Checkouts and Holds limited"

  1. Lynda Sollazzo says:

    I have started looking at books available on cloudLibrary but the number available is very limited for books. Is there a reason we no longer have a good selection to choose from?

    • Windsor Public Library says:

      The current selection is limited as we take the final steps necessary for the launch of the full cloudLibrary service.
      The number of titles available on cloudLibrary will grow immensely at the end of May, when titles will be transferred from the other ebook platforms.
      In early June, the number of titles will grow again as our customers gain access to a wide variety of titles at public libraries across Ontario.
      We appreciate your patience during these last few weeks of preparation, and trust that you will find it amply rewarded on May 31.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Lynda, most of the titles from Overdrive & Axis 360 are being migrated to cloudLibrary and will be available for checkout after May 30th. Over the next week the collection will grow considerably.

  3. Mrs Jorritsma says:

    I have tried the new cloud library platform and find it practically unusable. I am very disappointed that overdrive is being abandoned for this new “service .”

    With overdrive I was able to read multiple books both audio and text and was able to easily access my last read page.

    • Mrs Jorritsma says:

      Whatever issues I previously had with my page not being saved and the font size needing to be reset for every book seems to have been resolved.

  4. D'Etta Meloche says:

    I have a Kobo Forma with overdrive integrated in it. Will I be able to download ebooks from the library using overdrive?

  5. Ciaran says:


    It is now May 30th and currently there are only 9 audiobooks available for rental on cloudLibrary. Why is there so few? There were plenty available on the other cloud services. If were planning to have transitioned to the new service by this date then shouldn’t you be more prepared? Thank you.


    • Windsor Public Library says:

      Books from our Overdrive/Libby and Axis 360 platforms are currently migrating to cloudLibrary; we expect this transition to be completed by the end of today. For immediate access to audiobooks, our Hoopla app has hundreds of titles available on demand.

  6. Katie says:

    This change is very disappointing. I don’t believe that WPL eBook users wanted a cumbersome system like this. Having the integrated Overdrive made borrowing so simple. Now I must find a PC and do a data transfer, it’s ridiculous. Bring back Overdrive!

  7. Eleanor DeRoy says:

    Mid August and I am still having problems downloading books to my new Kobo H20. Cannot get into Overdrive which was so quick. I have books in Cloud and cannot download. Frustrating!

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