Throwback Thursday

In 1886, Windsor’s first electric streetcars connected Windsor and Walkerville because of the growth of the Hiram Walker and Sons distillery. The Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway (SW&A) built lines that would eventually connect Windsor to Amherstburg, Sandwich, Tecumseh – and beyond. The final line was replaced by buses in 1939. This photograph was taken around 1908. #throwbackthursday #archives #windsor #yqg #history


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  1. Brenda Schmidt says:

    Throwback Thursday was a very interesting article to read because I was not born at that time. To have electric streetcars must have been wonderful for citizens at that time to be able to travel by electric streetcars and to think we no longer have them here in Windsor Ontario anymore. Times sure have changed for the better.

  2. Brenda Schmidt says:

    Update I saw on the news that the street car from the old days is being restored & going to be in a museum or down at the river front, so we can go on & experience a part of our history .I definitely will be there with my camera.

  3. David says:

    Spend 3/4 of a $million dollars of tax payers money on a restoration, then cut it up, stick a kitchen, fridge/freezer etc. in it and make it into an ice cream venue down on the riverfront out of historic context where Street Cars never ran? Really naive, wasteful and heritage destructive politicians sheep following the Mayor’s pre-election propaganda. If our citizen money is to be used on a restoration – then the Street Car should be protected from the elements and set in a proper heritage contextual setting as a historic Street Car. The City could partner (or give incentives with heritage guarantee) to the new owner of the former Street Car Barns on University Ave. and see the restored Street Car protected in doors in an accurate heritage building setting serving as a museum piece at a Trolley Bar / restaurant adjunct. If the Mayor wants an ice cream venue he should be peddling a Dickie Dee bike along the Riverfront on his off hours.

    • Serge says:

      I am on your side…This trolley will be restored to all is glory
      and need to be protected for future generation.

  4. Maria Davila says:

    Great article! Thank you!

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