The Hottest New Title…Fire And Fury

Late last week, Michael Wolff’s Fire And Fury : Inside The Trump White House was released (a few days early) to a MUCH higher than originally anticipated demand. Most retailers – independent and big box – sold out quickly, and at this point in time print copies are next to impossible for anybody (including your favourite library) to obtain.

We are searching high and low to track down print copies of this title, and are incredibly eager to get them into your hands. While we do not have an exact date when this title will hit our shelves, we still encourage you to add your name to the holds list for either the print or digital copy (or both).

Although waiting is never fun, it is always exciting for us in the book loving world when a title takes everybody by surprise and breaks the charts, as these titles almost always generate the greatest discussions. You know how much we love to talk about books. All books.

While you wait, consider checking out some of these other Trump themed reads:

Brazile, Donna
Hacks. The Inside Story Of The Break-ins And Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump In The White House (2017) 

Lewandowski, Corey R.
Let Trump Be Trump, The Inside Story Of His Rise To The Presidency (2017)

The Dangerous Case Of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists And Mental Health Experts Assess A President (2017)


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  1. Charles Pike says:

    Regarding the book Fire & Fury, I trust it will be shelved in the Fiction section, where it belongs !

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