Paintings Inspired By Van Gogh – Only 4 More Weeks Left

Sandwich Library is a budding artist’s dream place to paint.  The light is wonderful even on overcast days.  Join us Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at 3312 Sandwich.  This week’s lesson featured the work of Ojibwa-Canadian artist Benjamin Chee Chee.  

We also learned the techniques of ‘pull in’, this helps us show the source of light in our paintings.  Fellow painter Tim introduced a ‘ watercolour wash’ technique.

After last week’s class everyone was encouraged do an art piece inspired by a Van Gogh watercolour Pink Peach Tree.  The results were beautifully unique.

At the end of session we had an artspeak period where everyone got an opportunity to see the work of their fellow painters and to share with staff and anyone else in the library what they had done.  Please JOIN US AT SANDWICH LIBRARY, 3312 Sandwich St. West, where is truly a PEACEFUL PLACE TO PAINT.


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