Teen Power Is Strong At Central Library – Library Live Children’s Club Salutes Our Remarkable Teens

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You are remarkable young people and it has been my privilege and pleasure to have worked with you at Central Library. Continue to shine bright! The world is Yours. Ms. Janet.

Last week 87 teens attended two WPL Teen Appreciation events at Central. SEE PHOTOS CLICK ON CONTINUE READING.  THESE TEENS are wonderful and generous in sharing their time, talents, enthusiasm, and are all dedicated to being a part of making programs at Central library educational joy for all involved.

We have had over 53 clubs including, Chess, Lego, Christopher Paul Curtis writing club, Reading clubs, Astronomy, Math, Lego Mindstorm, Xbox, Craft, Books Alive Acting Club. Oh the places we have gone in our 17 year journey.  i was able to find some photos from past years.  The torn one is of my first two volunteers Catherine and Luna.  They worked for me before it was mandatory to do community hours at our local high schools.  TRUE VOLUNTEERS.  On average students have worked over 120 hours for me well above the 40 hour requirements.  TRAVEL ON AND SHINE BRIGHTER THAN EVER. In deepest gratitude. Ms. Janet.



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