Rainy Day Reads!

It’s kind of miserable outside. It’s soggy and wet and kind of wonderful. Surely, I’m not the only one here who secretly loves this type of weather? It’s the perfect excuse to stay inside with a cup of tea and catch up on some reading! Since I’m at work and can’t curl up with a book right this second, I’m going to live vicariously through those of you who have the day off and share some of my favourite rainy day reads.

I tend to favour immersive works of historical or literary fiction on days like today. When the weather is dreary I feel like my imagination kicks into overdrive and I love getting lost in a book. It’s also a great time for any of our Rave Reviews, a good biography or maybe a mystery.

Sometimes it’s extra satisfying if you can finish an entire book in one sitting. The WPL collection includes some great short fiction I love graphic novels, not only because they are so often excellent books, but also because of the sense of accomplishment that comes when I’m often able to read an entire book in one sitting. If you haven’t read a graphic novel yet it’s well worth your time! I have some favourites that are so good they’re begging to be re-read! Still not sold? You can even check them out without leaving your comfy chair…if you haven’t tried Hoopla yet now is the time to explore.

Of course, maybe your rainy day isn’t as restful as I imagine. Do you have a child in need of amusement. Nothing busts boredom or solves the rainy day blues quite like a good book. Try having your own mini story time with your toddler or preschooler, or help your child transition to chapter books. With summer vacation right around the corner now is a great time to get your child in the habit of reading!

So, enjoy the day! The weather is perfect for something…and that thing is reading! I’ll take comfort in knowing that, while my comfy chair is sitting empty, the WPL is continuing to provide customers of all ages with everything they need to enjoy a wonderful day!


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