Government Printer Peeks: Winter 2017

Governments, as with people, use the turning of the year to both examine the past and make proposals for the future.  From the first quarter of 2017, I have selected some health and economic reports that either provide a report card of existing conditions or look forward to coming needs.

The Advisory Council on Economic Growth hopes combined private and public initiatives will BUILD A HIGHLY SKILLED AND RESILIENT CANADIAN WORKFORCE .   This publication makes reference to an related Australian NEW WORK MINDSET report which is interesting reading on its own.  Both have implications for school curricula and life-long learning activities to bolster skills needed by workers, skills that are not job specific, but can be transported across employers within related fields.

Producers of goods and services will also want to look at FIVE GAME-CHANGING CONSUMER TRENDS   by the Business Development Bank of Canada for interests and preferences in the buying public.  Number five on the list is health concerns, which brings us to the next set of documents.

The annual report of the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada provides a snapshot of the HEALTH STATUS OF CANADIANS.  Ontarians who do not have access to a personal primary care physician, in addition to hospital administrators will want to read about EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT PERFORMANCE IN ONTARIO.

The health of our environment is behind the Ontario governments proposed cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  For background numbers on one component, read Environment and Climate Change Canada’s  BLACK CARBON INVENTORY analysis.   For our inland waterways, invasive species constitute a threat to their biological health.  The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans has analyzed the ECOLOGICAL RISK…OF GRASS CARP for the Great Lakes.

Finally, your mom was right to make you eat your vegetables.  Health Canada has released a summary of their assessment of HEALTH CLAIM ABOUT VEGETABLES AND FRUIT AND HEART DISEASE.

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