Government Printer Peeks, year end 2016

From the final quarter of 2016, several themes predominated among government releases.

Care of people with chronic conditions or terminal illnesses

Understanding the Lived Experience of Individuals, Caregivers and Families Touched by Frailty, Chronic Illness and Dementia in Ontario /  From : the Law Commission of Ontario 118 p. .

Care options choosing the best plan for you and the person you care for.  From: Employment and Social Development Canada.  4 p.

Care conversations it’s about you and the person you support.  From : Employment and Social Development Canada. 2016.  4 p.

Palliative Care at the End of Life. From : Health Quality Ontario. 54 p.

Energy In Ontario

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With Various Methods Of Power Generation In Ontario. From:  Ontario Power Generation Inc. 47 p.

Background Report on Potential Engineering and Safety Considerations Associated with Proposed Energy East Pipeline Project. From: Ontario Energy Board.  15 p.

Background Report on Potential Environmental and Socio-Economic Considerations Associated with the Proposed TransCanada Pipelines Limited EnergyEast Pipeline Project in Ontario . from : Ontario Energy Board. 17 p.

Ontario Planning Outlook : A technical report on the electricity system / from: IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator). 74 p.

Windsor-Essex Region Integrated Regional Resource Plan. From : IESO. 52 p.


Canadian officials are trying to prepare guidelines to regulate the sale of the newly decriminalized substance.  I found it interesting that the economic impact generated the longest report.

Consumer information – cannabis (marihuana, marijuana)  from:  Health Canada. 5 p.

Toward the legalization, regulation and restriction of access to marijuana  from : Department of Justice. Health Canada. Public Safety Canada.  27 p.

Legalized cannabis fiscal considerations.  from : Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer. 77 p.


Other Health Topics

Environmental Burden of Cancer in Ontario. From: Cancer Care Ontario, and Public Health Ontario.  44p.

Reducing your exposure to lead from drinking water .  from: Health Canada. Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch.  3 p.

AND,  for those who wonder why gasoline prices seem all over the map, here are the findings from a federal report.

Gasoline from rack prices to pump prices, relationship and asymmetry /  from:  Library of Parliament. Parliamentary Information and Research Service.  12 p.




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