How will you Celebrate National Trivia Day?

Just when you thought the holidays were over, it’s National Trivia Day, one of January’s many obscure holidays! Do January’s obscure holidays themselves count as trivia?  I know trivia doesn’t have the same allure as holidays involving gifts or copious champagne and snack consumption. But who couldn’t use a break and an excuse to enjoy some low-key entertainment this time of year?

There are many free or low-cost ways to enjoy National Trivia Day, you can check out articles online — I particularly like this one posted by Mental Floss (featuring author John Green) — or get together with family and friends to dust off your old Trivial Pursuit. As a broke university student I enjoyed playing my parents’ dated Genus edition. It was a cheap night in with friends and you had the added challenge of trying to figure out what the answer would have been more than 20 years earlier. I loved thinking about the way the same question could have different answers at different times. It gave historical perspective to our trivial pursuit although, admittedly, we found pop culture and entertainment questions difficult.

So, I admit it, I love trivia. I’ve watched Jeopardy like it was a sport and I got way too into the Ken Jennings phenomenon. Jennings went on to become an advocate for information literacy, particularly when it comes to geography and what librarian wouldn’t love that? Jennings is now more than his Jeopardy win and the WPL has a bunch of Jennings’ books! One of the reasons I love trivia is the how interesting I find exploring details that are different than I previously thought; whenever I find out about historical inaccuracies or oddities I can’t want to share them. I am beginning to suspect that I am not fun at parties.

Of course, I’m lucky, I get to spend my days at the WPL surrounded by all kinds information. As a reference librarian I love getting asked questions that stretch me and make me think about things I wouldn’t otherwise. I love that I get to access so much wonderful information for free! Of course, that’s not limited to staff. The WPL offers universal access to the universe of ideas and that includes everything from entertainment to reference materials.

There’s always something great to read or an excellent online resource you can access on just about any topic. Of course, when it comes to trivia we have a variety of books on the topic across a variety of formats. Maybe one of our many resources will offer you the perfect facts to dazzle at your next trivia event. Enjoy, I know I will!

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