Suggestion for a blog post from a WPL patron: What is the worst book you’ve ever read?

We’d love to know what the worst books you’ve ever read are!

We should probably give some examples of what may define the word “worst” in “worst books you’ve ever read.” Worst could potentially mean:
• poorly written;
• unsatisfying plot resolution, uncorrected plot contradictions, or other plot problems like simple lack thereof;
• causing you to (inexpertly) throw the book against the nearest wall thus (mercifully) smashing your mother’s favourite “objet d’art;”
• lousy character development or characters you hate so much you can no longer hear the name Joffrey without cringing;
• creepy in a bad way;
• hugely influential in a negative way, i.e., resulting in the creation of:
trans indent• horrible film adaptations;
• annoying slang;
trans indent• cults;
• depression;
trans indent• belief-beggaring mythological lore;
• deeply unseemly office or interpersonal behaviour;
trans indent• similarly unseemly costumes worn at the office or on dates;
• horrifying/hilarious crafts that, once made, were given to you as gifts;
trans indent• instructions for how-tos that should more properly be instructions for how-not-tos or downright don’t-dos; and/or
trans indent• inadvertent household traps like, say, toasters or vacuums.

I’m sure there are many more ways to define “worst” and that you’ll let us know what they are.

Personally, while I read The Da Vinci Code as though I were devouring a bowl of chocolate-covered potato chips, I found the main characters in that tome so dull and two-dimensional that only the riveting yet crazy plot and my 13 years of Catholic education kept me reading to the end.

If you can’t think of a worst book you’ve ever read, you can always let us know the worst title you’ve ever read or the worst book cover you’ve ever seen.

bad book coverSpeaking of, some of the worst titles I’ve found from other online lists of worst books ever include: People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead: How they attach themselves to unsuspecting bystanders and what to do about it, The Hygiene of Marriage, and The Practical Pyromaniac

So, please tell us what the worst books you’ve ever read are and thank you to the patron who suggested this idea for a WPL blog post! (Please remember we moderate this blog’s comments and thanks in advance for your participation!)

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