Government Publications Peeks

One effect of the protracted election campaign through most of the latter part of the summer and fall this year was to slow the release of new publications by the federal government. Here is a selection of recent documents.

In July a Senate committee released its recommendations for the future of the national broadcaster: Time for change the CBC/Radio-Canada in the twenty-first century.

Statistics Canada published the results of their look at Civic engagement and political participation in Canada .

Diversity of grandparents living with their grandchildren  was the basis of another study by Statistics Canada, while the Canadian Institute for Health Information reported on Care for children and youth with mental disorders

On the environmental front, tar sands are not the only controversial carbon fuel product.  The Library of Parliament’s Information and Research Service published a backgrounder about Shale gas in Canada:  environmental risks and regulation

Essex County residents may be particularly interested in Parks Canada’s  Recovery strategy for the massasauga [rattlesnake] (Sistrurus catenatus) in Canada

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